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Infant Mortality




  1. Reporting and incidence of violence against women in India
  2. Costs and consequences of a cash transfer for hospital births in a rural district of Uttar Pradesh, India
  3. Policy challenges and preference for open defecation: Evidence from a new survey in rural north India
  4. Increasing average exposure to open defecation in India, 2001-2011
  5. Wealth and children's health in India
  6. Children's welfare and short-term migration from rural India
  7. Effects of Early-Life Exposure to Sanitation on Childhood Cognitive Skills: Evidence from India's Total Sanitation Campaign
  8. Short-term Labor Migration from Rural North India: Evidence from New Survey Data
  9. Poverty and Probability: Aspiration and Aversion to Compound Lotteries in El Salvador and India
  10. Early life mortality and height in Indian states
  11. The nutritional value of toilets: How much international variation in child height can sanitation explain?
  12. Women's status and children's height in India: Evidence from joint rural households
  13. Sanitation and Stunting policy brief
  14. Sanitation and stunting research brief
  15. Can food alone resolve “malnutrition”?: Stunting, open defecation, and the urgency a of policy response
  16. Village sanitation externalities and children's human capital: Evidence from a randomized experiment by the Maharashtra government
  17. Northwest India Migration and NREGA Study data
  18. Effects of Rural Sanitation on Infant Mortality and Human Capital: Evidence from India's Total Sanitation Campaign
  19. Estimating Leakages in India's Employment Guarantee Using Household Survey Data


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