Conference on height and sanitation

rice just finished co-organising an international conference on “Child Height, Stunting, Early Life Disease and Sanitation” at the Delhi School of Economics (DSE), along with the Centre for Development Economics (CDE) at the DSE. The conference was supported by the Water and Sanitation Programme – South Asia and was held on the 2nd and the 3rd of August, 2013.

We had already posted the conference agenda, and you can have a look at it here. Photos from the conference can be seen here, or through this slideshow below. A short summary of the conference proceedings was done nicely by Sangita, and posted here.

As they become available, we will be posting presentations, remarks and papers from the conference on this page.
Session 1: Introduction to child stunting in India and the early-life disease environment

  • Jairam Ramesh, Minister  for Rural Development [See photo here]
  • Dean Spears, CDE at Delhi School of Economics & r.i.c.e. (20-25 min) “How much international variation in child height can sanitation explain?” [Presentation here. Paper here]
  • Oliver Cumming, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine & SHARE (20-25 min) [See paper here. See presentation here]
  • Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies (20-25 min) “Sanitation and Stunting in India: Undernutrition’s Blind Spot” [See paper here. See presentation here]

Session 2: Evidence from randomized controlled trials

  • Jeffrey Hammer, Princeton University (25 min) “Village sanitation and children’s human capital: Evidence from a randomized experiment by the Maharashtra government” [Presentation here. Paper here]
  • Manisha Shah, UCLA (25 min) “The Dirty Business of Reducing Open Defecation: Lessons from a Sanitation Intervention” [Presentation here. Paper here]

Session 3: Evidence from other countries’ experiences

  • Sangita Vyas, r.i.c.e. (25 min) “Growing taller among toilets: Evidence from changes in sanitation and child height in Cambodia, 2005-2010” [Presentation here. Paper here]
  • Payal Hathi, World Bank (25 min) “What doesn’t kill you makes you shorter: Evidence from two decades of improving sanitation and infant mortality in Bangladesh” [Presentation here]

Session 4: Perspectives on nutrition programs in India

  • Bidisha Barooah, Delhi School of Economics (25 min) “The Effect of School Meals on Students’ Nutritional Status and Classroom Effort” [Presentation here]
  • Sunaina Dhingra, Delhi School of Economics (25 min) “Child Health Outcomes and Improvements Over time” [Presentation here]
  • Nitya Mittal, Delhi School of Economics (25 min) “Utilization of ICDS services: Does it make a difference to child weight?” [Presentation here]

Session 5: Environmental influences on nutrition and height in India

  • Aparajita Chattopadhyay, International Institute for Population Sciences (25 min) “Wealth and the health of children in India: A state-level analysis” [Presentation here]
  • Antonia Strachey, Oxford University (25 min) “The Relationship Between Real Wages and Adult Heights in Colonial Kerala” [Presentation here]
  • Nisha Malhotra, University of British Columbia (25 min) on the effects of indoor air pollution on child height [Presentation here]

Session 6: New evidence on enteropathy and nutrition

  • Audrie Lin, UC Berkley and iddr,b (25 min) : “Household Environmental Conditions Are Associated with Enteropathy and Impaired Growth in Rural Bangladesh” [Paper here. Presentation here]
  • Diane Coffey, Princeton Office of Population Research; r.i.c.e.; CDE at DSE (25 min) “Open defecation and hemoglobin deficiency in young children” [Presentation here]

Session 7: Interactions of nutrition and disease

  • Purnima Menon, IFPRI (25 min) “Diet Quality, Water, and Toilets: What Role for Child Undernutrition in India?” [Presentation here]
  • Gregor von Medeazza, UNICEF (25 min) “Sanitation and stunting in Madhya Pradesh” [Presentation here]


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