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Why Goti Bai’s LPG Cylinder Lies In A Cowshed, Unused | Swagata Yadavar | IndiaSpend

Pradham Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a programme which started in May, 2016 to assist below-poverty-line households in obtaining LPG to cook in place of traditional fuels.  These fuels, such as firewood, cow dung and dry grass, when used in cooking, are harmful for respiratory health.  In this article, Swagata  Yadavar lays out the reasons why people continue to use traditional fuels, even after receiving an LPG connection.  Findings from the February, 2019 r.i.c.e. study on this subject are cited throughout, along with quotes from Aashish Gupta.  Recommendations by r.i.c.e. researchers on how to promote the use of LPG are also included.  Read more

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