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'Where India Goes' Gives a First-Hand Analysis of India's Poor Early-Life Health and Stunting | Govindan Nair | The Wire

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In this review of "Where India Goes", a book  by r.i.c.e. founders Diane Coffey and Dean Spears, concerning the causes and catastrophic effects of open defecation practices in rural India,  author Govindan Nair declares that  the book is, "essential reading not ony for policymakers and development professionals, but for anyone interested in the paradoxes of development in the early 21st century. "  Providing complicated analyses for a layperson's understanding along with insights based on personal interactions, in the words of the reviewer. "the book is an engaging and rewarding read."  Read more...


r.i.c.e. is a nonprofit research organization, dedicated to understanding the lives of poor people, especially young children, in India, and to promoting their well-being.

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