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What Does Global Hunger Index Ranking Mean For India? Here Is What Must Be Done Fast | The Financial Express

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India is ranked 100 out of 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI).  GHI rankings are based on the adequacy of child caloric intake, child wasting (low weight for height), stunting (lower height than typical for age), and under 5 mortality.  This article describes the findings of r.i.c.e. co-founder Dean Spears that the ill effects of open defecation extend beyond those who have no access to proper sanitation.  Read More...


r.i.c.e. is a non-profit research organization focused on health and well-being in India. Our core focus is on children in rural north India. Our research studies health care at the start of life, sanitation, air pollution, maternal health, social inequality, and other dimensions of population-level social wellbeing.

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