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Untouchability High in Urban UP and Rajasthan, even Delhi: A Survey | Seema Chishti | The Indian Express

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According to the 2016 survey, entitled,"Social Attitudes Research, India", conducted by Diane Coffey of the University of Texas at Austin and RICE, Payal Hathi and Nidhi Khourana of RICE,and Amit Thorat of the School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, 50% of the respondents in urban Rajasthan admitted to practicing untouchability as did 48% of respondents in urban UP and even 39% in Delhi.

On Dalits and non-Dalit Hindus and inter-marriages, the range of responses, according to the survey, vary between 60% in rural Rajasthan and 40% in UP being opposed to inter-caste marriages.  The respondents also favoured a law which would prohibit inter-caste marriages.  Read More...


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