research institute for compassionate economics

Opinion | Ujjwala: A Half Cooked Programme | Nikhil Srivastav | LiveMint

In this OpEd piece, Nikhil Srivastav, r.i.c.e. Research Manager, argues that, if the Ujjwala LPG-connection scheme is to accomplish its goals of improvement of cooking conditions for women and enhancement of Indian citizens’ health, then the government needs to work on changing people’s attitudes and beliefs. This could be a long drawn-out process.  A 2018 r.i.c.e. survey found three quarters of the households that responded had LPG connections.  However, over 85% of the survey’s respondents said they did not use them exclusively because they saw solid fuel as a better option for taste and the health of family members eating the food.  Read more…

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