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Meet the People Who are Still "Untouchables" After All These Years | Amrit Dhillon | The Sydney Morning Hearld

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The belief that caste bigotry is lower in Indian cities is widely-held among Indians.  So is the belief that caste discrimination has been reduced since a law passed in 1955 made caste discrimination a crime.

But a new survey, Social Attitudes Research for India, conducted by r.i.c.e.,  UT-Austin, and JNU in New Delhi, published in January has a nasty surprise:  it showed that 75% of those surveyed in rural Rajasthan and 48% of all respondents in rural Uttar Pradesh still practice untouchability.  Two of the survey's authors, Amit Thorat and Diane Coffey, are quoted in the article.  Read more...


r.i.c.e. is a nonprofit research organization, dedicated to understanding the lives of poor people, especially young children, in India, and to promoting their well-being.

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