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In this review of 'Where India Goes:  Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development and the Costs of Caste, author Sudhirendar Sharma states, "A well-researched book points out that Swachh Bharat will remain a work in progress until the cultural sociology of open

In India, early initiation of breastfeeding and the practice of nourishing babies exclusively by breastfeeding for the first 6 months are growing.  Given the poor health condition of mothers, however,  breastfed children can be poorly nourished.  Author Rukmini S cites

A promotional event for the film, Toilet:  Ek Prem Katha, was held at the 4th season finale of Hindustan Times Friday Jam.  The film addresses the issue of open defecation in parts of India.  The event featured appearances by stars

India is ranked 100 out of 119 countries in the Global Hunger Index (GHI).  GHI rankings are based on the adequacy of child caloric intake, child wasting (low weight for height), stunting (lower height than typical for age), and under

In this article, concerning sexual violence experienced by women in India, author Rukmini S cites data reported by the NFHS 2005-2006 (more recent data on this subject is not available) and analyzed by Aashish Gupta of r.i.c.e. showing that 2.3%

In this article,  author Sapna Gopal argues that if India reduced its air pollution to comply with the air quality standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), Indians would live about four years longer on average, according to a study

Indian workers check newly built toilets in the stockyard of a factory in Morbi, some 230km from Ahmedabad, on November 18, 2016, on the eve of World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day (WTD), held on November 19 each year, is

The issue of whether to continue the current exception for marital rape that exists under the law in India that criminalizes rape is the subject of widespread debate and a case before the Delhi High Court.  In this article, author

In this article, author Ben Kentish discusses the Indian government's position, as filed in legal papers in the Delhi High Court, that marital rape should not be made a crime.  The author cites an analysis by r.i.c.e. that found that

The Indian government has filed legal papers in the Supreme Court arguing against criminalizing marital rape and stating that doing so would destabilize the institution of marriage.  Author Roshon Kishore argues against the government  position stating that justifying sexual violence

This article, which is critical of practices aimed at humiliating people who defecate outdoors, describes better ways of encouraging people to install and use a latrine.  Data collected by r.i.c.e. showing that even when toilets have been built, they are

In this review of "Where India Goes", a book  by r.i.c.e. founders Diane Coffey and Dean Spears, concerning the causes and catastrophic effects of open defecation practices in rural India,  author Govindan Nair declares that  the book is, "essential reading

In this article, the author presents the responses to questions from an interview with Dean Spears and Diane Coffey about their research establishing links between open defecation and high infant mortality in rural India and exposing the caste prejudices that

In this carefully researched, yet readable and engaging article, author Elizabeth Royte cites data collected by r.i.c.e. to show that the death and disease caused by the persistence of the practice of outdoor defecation in rural India isn't just the

In this excerpt from their new book, Where India Goes:  Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development and the Costs of Caste, authors Diane Coffey and Dean Spears explain their research findings that the primary reason for poor sanitation in rural India is

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