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Posters and Presentations from the UNC Conference on Sanitation and Health in India

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UNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina As part of the UNC Water and Health Conference, r.i.c.e. had organised events and poster presentations on sanitation and health in India. You can see them here., PRESENTATIONS:

Confronting the challenge: Sanitation behavior change in rural north India:

Part 1 – Latrine use in rural India Part 2 – It’s not just about access Part 3 – Purity and pollution Part 4 – Culture and sanitation behavior Population density and the effect of sanitation on early-life health


Sanitation and Health Externalities: Resolving the Muslim Mortality Paradox Sanitation externalities, disease, and children’s anemia What’s so communal about communities in rural India? Social distance, village conflict, and open defecation What does religion have to do with demand for sanitation? Explaining variation in sanitation between India and Bangladesh Does open defecation contribute to antibiotic resistance?: A cross-sectional study of antibiotic usage in India (coming soon) Open defecation, population density, and child height in Madhya Pradesh, India: An ecological analysis of the most recent data on over 22,000 children (coming soon)


r.i.c.e. is a non-profit research organization focused on health and well-being in India. Our core focus is on children in rural north India. Our research studies health care at the start of life, sanitation, air pollution, maternal health, social inequality, and other dimensions of population-level social wellbeing.

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