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Northwest India Migration and NREGA study: 2010

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Rice conducted the Northwest India Migration and NREGA study (NIMNS) during the summer of 2010 on the borders of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh in India.  The region is know for having high rates of seasonal migration.  The surveyed villages were selected from four districts: Banswara in Rajasthan, Jhabua and Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, and Dahod in Gujarat.

A household survey was asked of the household head, and an adult survey asked of men and women ages 14-69.  The survey questions focused on migration experiences and participation in NREGA, a government workfare program, and collected detail socioeconomic and demographic information about respondents.

For a more detailed description of the data and the survey area, as well as a map of the survey area, please see “Short-term migration from rural northwest India: Evidence from new survey data,” a working paper by Diane Coffey, John Papp and Dean Spears.  It is under the migration tab.


Data use restrictions: The following .zip file contains instructions about how to use the data, the three questionnaires from the study, and two Excel files containing the household and adult survey data.  By downloading these data, I agree to respect the confidentiality of the respondents in the NIMNS data.  I will not try to identify or contact any of the respondents.  In addition, I agree to cite the data according to the format specified in the instructions document.

To download the data click the link below, if you agree to the data use restrictions:

[By clicking this link I certify that I agree to the data use restrictions.]


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