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“World’s Toilet Crisis” on Current TV

Written by Dean Spears on April 4th, 2012

I found this today searching for the Indonesia Family Life Survey. It’s from Current TV, what I know as Al Gore’s TV channel. I laughed at the dig at spending on the the Delhi Metro (at 6:05) rather than latrines.

It’s pretty gross, and sort of silly in its drama. The rich lady could handle her exhibits a little more gently when she is showing the camera the bad health effects on poor children. The Sulabh guy continues the story — wrong, at least, in Sitapur — that open defecation happens away from homes. But I sometimes hear from Americans that I’m just wrong that over a billion people don’t use toilets or latrines, that this just couldn’t be true. Perhaps seeing is believing:

You can click on the little arrows in the corner for a bigger view.