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Where India Goes named among best non-fiction books of the decade by The Hindu

Written by Nazar Khalid on January 2nd, 2020

Diane and Dean’s book Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development and the Costs of Caste has been named among the best non-fiction books the decade by The Hindu.

Reviewing for The Hindu, Uma Mahadevan Dasgupta observes, “This is a deeply researched and thoughtfully written book about open defecation, the role of caste, and the challenges of implementing policy interventions at this scale. Beyond these questions, it also reflects on the difficult road of development beyond conference platitudes and technocratic solutions. It points to the need for better exchanges between policymakers, development professionals and researchers if we are to reflect and act on some of the important questions of our times: Can economic development ever be sufficient without a focus on human development as well? Are there better ways to spur development among less served sections of the world’s population? With all the constraints, how can we do better for our poorer populations?”

This book is available on amazon and flipkart

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