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Where India Goes: Book launch and preorder on Amazon!

Written by r.i.c.e. on June 30th, 2017
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r.i.c.e. is delighted to announce Harper Collins’ publication in July of Dean and Diane’s new book Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development, and the Costs of Caste!

Book launch: Come for snacks and discussion at 7:20 pm, Friday 14 July at the Juniper Room of the India Habitat Centre in Delhi.

Pre-order for kindle:  The book is available for pre-order for delivery to your kindle on July 10th!  Links:

AIIS Joseph Elder Prize:  We are honored that Where India Goes has received the 2017 Joseph Elder book prize in the Indian social sciences.  Read the prize announcement here!

Foreword by Angus Deaton: r.i.c.e. is grateful to Nobel laureate economist Angus Deaton for his foreword to Where India Goes.