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Social Attitudes Research, India (SARI) data is available! | r.i.c.e.
research institute for compassionate economics

Social Attitudes Research, India (SARI) data is available!

Written by Payal Hathi on September 14th, 2018

Starting in 2016, we began Social Attitudes Research, India (SARI), a mobile phone survey collecting data from representative samples of adults in various states across India on people’s attitudes towards social issues such as reservations, intercaste and interreligious marriage, women working outside of the home, untouchability, ghunghat, and much more.  SARI also asked about prejudice towards marginalized communities like Dalits and Muslims, and asked Dalits and Muslims about their experiences of discrimination.

Countries all over the world track social attitudes through periodic, representative surveys to understand societal values and how they are changing over time.  India’s diversity and strict hierarchical norms often collide in inhibiting India’s human development.  We have written articles news pieces in the past months with SARI data (see a partial list here).  We hope that others will use the data to write more widely, and contribute to important policy conversations.

SARI data from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, and Rajasthan are now publicly available on our website (here), along with detailed documentation (here).  Please take a look!

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