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rice campaign update: one-third there!

Written by r.i.c.e. on November 10th, 2012
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As you probably already know, rice is in the midst of a special fundraising campaign. If we can secure pledges for around $1,200 a month by the beginning of 2013, then an important, large donor is likely to multiply that 10 times, providing us hundreds of thousands of dollars of support that we can put to good use.

You can read the details here. The issue is that if rice gets a lot of money from one big donor, then we need donations from many different people in order to by “publicly supported” under the legal definition that allows us to be a 501(c)(3) public charity.

So, how are we doing? We’re making progress, but we’re not there yet. We’re about 1/3 of the way to our goal, with some families giving $100 month, and others giving $50 or $25 a month. You can see more options at our donations page, linked at the top of this page.

We’re optimistic that we will raise the money we need – but it will take a lot of help! If you help us reach our goal, your contribution will be multiplied by ten. Can you contribute?