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India requires a “junoon” – an obsession – to end open defecation: Jairam Ramesh

Written by r.i.c.e. on June 6th, 2014

Jairam Ramesh, who in his short tenure as India’s minister for Sanitation (and in his longer tenure as Rural Development Minister) did a lot to advance the cause of ending open defecation in India, has a new article about ending open defecation in India today.

He argues:

Today a number of issues should unite political parties, not divide them. Extremely poor environmental and household sanitation is undoubtedly the most glaringly obvious of these; yet we seem to have reconciled and adjusted ourselves to this grim situation.

We could not agree more. He also says,

Modi as Prime Minister must give a different call: For a “Khule Mein Shauch-Mukt Bharat” (Open Defecation Free India). If he does so, I’m confident all parties will extend their hand of cooperation.

Thank you, Jairam Ramesh, for saying that. We certainly hope that this happens.