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200th post, and 2 new articles

Written by r.i.c.e. on June 7th, 2014

WordPress tells us that this is our 200th post on the r.i.c.e blog. We thank you, our readers, for being with us all this while.

We wrote two new articles this past week. Actually, we wrote more, but only two of them have come out.

The first one, written by Dean for the website, argues that the goal of eliminating open defecation, as articulated by India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, makes economic sense. To know why, read the article here.

The next one, written together by Diane, Aashish, Payal, Dean and Sangita discusses the different problems of open defecation and violence against women. In particular, its a nuanced response to the media commentary on recent incidents of sexual and caste violence against women. Read here.

More articles, which discuss the findings of our recently concluded SQUAT survey, are on their way. Stay tuned.