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Three recent reviews of Where India Goes

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We were very happy to find three reviews of Where India Goes in various corners of the internet and we wanted to share them with you!

The first is by Raghunath Nageswaran at Youth ki Awaas.  It provides a great summary of the book and includes some of our favorite quotations.

The second is by Mangesh Dahiwale at Velivada.  It talks about how sanitation in rural India is related India's history and ongoing practice of untouchability.  It reminds us that working for social equality will be important for health and economic progress in India.

The third is by Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution.  It talks about how open defecation in India is not about lack of access to latrines but rather about choices not to adopt the sorts of affordable latrines that have pits that need to be emptied by hand.

We are very grateful to Raghunath, Mangesh, and Alex for helping us spread the word about rural open defecation, its causes, and its consequences.  Thank you!


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