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research institute for compassionate economics

Open defecation kills Indian children and stunts their growth. Since open defecation is so bad for people, why do almost more than half of Indian households lack access to toilets? We need your help to find out! Read on to find out more!

India has exceptionally poor sanitation: the country accounts for 60% of the incidence of open defecation in the world, and open defecation is important issue of human dignity and a cause of avoidable disease, mortality, and malnutrition (for more on this, see here).

However, we do not understand very well the reasons why such a large proportion of the Indian population does not have access to toilets. The research institute for compassionate economics (rice) is looking for capable and hard-working investigators to help conduct the Sanitation Quality Use Access and Trends (SQUAT) survey in parts of rural India. This research will help understand why access to sanitation is low in India, while also identifying the various behavioral and policy bottlenecks in the path of toilet ownership and use in rural India.

Investigators for this important survey will be trained, work in teams, and visit about 30 districts in eight states. This is full time work, starting mid-November, for five months. rice will cover food, accommodation, travel and all related expenses. Investigators will be given vacation/rest time every few weeks. We promise a fun and enriching experience, lots of learning, and decent salaries. If you are interested, please fill this form - applications are rolling, so we encourage you to fill it up NOW. We need both men and women; and candidates from all social backgrounds are encouraged to apply, but competency in Hindi is a must.

For any queries, please write to We are looking forward to getting your form!

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