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New SARI datasets!

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I am so pleased to announce the release of three new SARI datasets from Maharasthra, Jharkhand, and Bihar! You can download the data here after entering your name, email address, and occupation.

Please join me in congratulating Payal, Nazar, and Nidhi on this fantastic data collection and preparation work, and also in thanking the SARI surveyors Bharati Kadam, Gunjan Kumari, Kailash Kumar, Kavita Naik, Laxmi Saini, Nisarg Jagtap, Poonam Saini, Pragati Pandurang Desai, Pramod Rajak, Rohini Hanbartii, Sachin Shere, Sanita Sutar, Sharmili Karkar, and Vivek Koli.  We are so grateful for your hard work!

The Bihar, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra samples of SARI were collected in 2018 and include questions on the following topics:

  1. religion & caste
  2. sanitation
  3. gender
  4. reservations
  5. intermarriage between people of different castes
  6. aadhaar & government benefits
  7. untouchability
  8. household assets
  9. mental health
  10. beef eating & violence against Muslims
  11. compassion for the poor
  12. knowledge about reservations & opinions on policies
  13. attitudes towards meat eating
  14. violence against spouse
  15. medical abortion
  16. experience of discrimination
  17. class identification


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