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More articles covering Diane's PNAS paper on maternal health in India

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Dean posted yesterday about Diane's new paper in the PNAS, which showed that maternal nutrition in India was much worse than previously thought. As the abstract of the paper says,

42.2% of Indian women are underweight when they begin pregnancy compared with 16.5% of African women. In both regions, women gain little weight during pregnancy, but because of prepregnancy deficits, Indian women end pregnancy weighing less than African women do at the beginning.

Apart from the New York Times, The Hindu and the Business Standard, the article was also covered by The Economic Times, NDTV, Deccan Chronicle and LiveMint. We imagine that more newspapers will follow through. We usually post news articles covering rice research in the news section, but since there are so many of them for this paper, we will just be posting the articles that have the most information on the news tab. Do share this important paper with your friends and colleagues.


The article has also been covered now in the ReutersHuffPost India, British Medical Journal, and Quartz!


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