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India's new DHS (NFHS-4) is out!

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The hard-working folks at the Demographic and Health Surveys and the International Institute of Population Sciences, Mumbai have the perfect new year gift for researchers in India: the new round of the India's DHS, also called NFHS - 4 (2015-16).

You can download the dataset from the measure DHS website  after registering yourself (its free!):

The national report is available for download too:

State reports are trickling in, but state and district fact-sheets have been available for sometime:\_NFHS-4.shtml or

Like many others, all of us at r.i.c.e. have been waiting for the new round of NFHS. The last DHS was 2005-06, so this DHS comes after a ten year drought of good nationally representative health data. I am really looking forward to all the papers and the analysis based on the NFHS-4.

Here's wishing good luck to all the researchers, journalists, public health activists, and others as they spend time analyzing the data, writing papers and articles, and contributing to improvements in health in India. May the force be with you.


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