presenting SQUAT survey findings at PHFI on Thursday

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At 3pm on Thursday, June 26th — the day after tomorrow — I will be making the first presentation of the findings from our new paper.  The paper summarizes the survey results.  One key finding is that open defecation is very common even among people who live in households with latrines, so programs that hope to eliminate open defecation must move beyond latrine construction to promoting behaviour change.  I hope you will join us this Thursday to learn more!  Here is the announcement of the talk:

Revealed preference for open defecation:

Evidence from a new survey in rural north India

Thursday, June 26th — 3pm

PHFI, Plot no. 47, Sector 44, Gurgaon (webinar connections also available from PHFI)

hosted by Dr. Neha Raykar, PHFI


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