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Josephine Duh

Board Member

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candidate in the Department of Economics at Princeton University, Jo is interested in nutrition and maternal & child health in developing countries. She has been studying the interplay between regional HIV prevalence and provision of maternal & child health services spanning the 1990s and 2000s in Sub-Saharan Africa. Other research projects include the response of medical suppliers to India’s conditional cash transfer program for institutional births and the puzzling decline of per capita calorie consumption in India that coincides with rapid growth in national income. Jo grew up in upstate NY and southern NH, and she received an SB in Economics from MIT prior to her graduate studies.



Health and hunger: Can an improving disease environment explain the Indian calorie consumption decline puzzle?

By Josephine Duh, on February 1st, 2016

India's experience presents a puzzle at odds with a basic fact of household economics: amidst unprecedented economic growth, average per capita daily calorie consumption has declined in recent decades. Does an improving disease environment explain the calorie decline? A diminishedRead More..