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rice goes to Bangladesh

By , on September 25th, 2013

For the last several days, most of the rice team has been in Bangladesh trying to understand how they did it. Did what, you ask? Reduce open defecation, of course! It turns out that open defecation is pretty rare in...Read More..

I just posted a preliminary draft of a new working paper that suggests that open defecation is an important cause of anemia, a disease which affects large numbers of children in India, causing cognitive and developmental delays. In case you...Read More..


Here at rice we have a big focus on sanitation and the problems that it causes for kids’ health, but we are often reminded that lots of things are going wrong for infant and child growth in India. One of...Read More..


The Ideas for India website just published a version of Sangita's summary of the proceedings of the "International Conference on Child height and stunting: Early-life diseases, water quality and sanitation". See here....Read More..


After a year of preparations, we are very excited to announce a two-day international conference on child height and sanitation at the Delhi School of Economics, starting at 9:00am on Friday, August 2nd. If you are planning to come, please...Read More..


When Baby, our research assistant, stopped by around lunch time today, she looked tired. I told her to sit and rest, and that I would finish making lunch. Not one to sit still for too long, she offered to help,...Read More..


We've just added two new working papers to rice's research tab. The first, by Diane Coffey, Reetika Khera, and Dean Spears, "Women's status and children's height in India: Evidence from joint rural households" examines joint rural households in India to...Read More..


Sometimes, when people think of how to address poor health in India, they think of expanding access to health care. But, as this new study published in Health Affairs recently by Jishnu Das, Alaka Holla, Veena Das, Manoj Mohanan, Diana...Read More..


Check out this video of Diane and Dean's mentor and friend, Dr. Jeff Hammer. Jeff is a professor in the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. He presented his insights about health care in India at a conference at Columbia...Read More..


I just read a brand-new and very interesting paper by Janet Currie, Wanchuan Lin and Wei Zhang, entitled, “Patient Knowledge and Antibiotic Abuse: Evidence from an Audit Study in China.” The authors find that antibiotics are very often prescribed when...Read More..


New rice working paper!

By , on June 1st, 2012

I just wanted to share a new working paper that is posted under the rice research tab called "Early life mortality, income and adult height in India." Here's the abstract to whet your appetite: Recent research on the relationship between...Read More..


There are so many ways in which the deck is stacked against poor babies in India. A few days ago, Jo, one of our board members, sent me the HUNGaMA Survey Report from 2011. HUNGaMA is a survey of about...Read More..


Over the last couple of days, we’ve thought about how small is too small from a population perspective. But, in my recent fieldwork in Sitapur, I found myself asking the question, “how small is too small?” on an individual level....Read More..


Regular readers of our blog will know that we talk a lot about heights and weights. This is because in a resource scarce setting, body size is a useful way of telling how well off people are. Especially in a...Read More..

Today I went to Tapti and Amrita’s village, and sure enough, I got to meet Amrita’s new daughter. Too tired to tell me the story, Amrita deferred to her mother, who shared what had happened. Amrita’s mother was busy organizing...Read More..

Tapti’s birth story

By , on March 2nd, 2012

In the past few weeks, I’ve been taking lots of field notes from my visits to the three villages in my study, and from visits with various official and government health workers. Yet, I’ve had a hard time figuring out...Read More..

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